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"I am very confident that when I ask clients to ring John walker and arrange a shoot, it will not only be a great experience for them, but I will get results, shots I can use, and get my clients working. The key thing with John is he directs, so you do not end up with weird body shapes, awkward legs and hands , and hair is always in place. I highly recommend him."
Stevie xxxx, Director, Models Plus
"During my 16 year tenure as Director of Nevs Agency, one of the most successful and professional model agencies in the world, I used John Walker many, many times to test models, and on tryout shoots for prospective models. I can say that his approach to every shoot is totally fresh each time, and that his ability to put the subject at ease, and to coax the best out of them, is second to none. If I were to commission a shoot tomorrow, his is the number I would call first."
Edward Mitchell, Director, Nevs Model Agency
"Thank you so much. The photos you took of me recently are fantastic. Both my agent - Independent - and I agree that you really captured the look and feel we were after. We loved your use of natural light and shade, which gave each shot a wonderful depth and allowed me to project my character. You also made the shoot very relaxed and put me at my ease immediately - which isn't easy for actors you know!"
Jamie Foreman, Actor